Friday, November 26, 2010

Teens with Diabetes Find Help at Amy Does It Sugar-free Blog

Teenage obesity has recently both increased at alarming rates.  Approximately 17% of adolescents were overweight in 2000 and an additional 15% had a body mass index (BMI) over 25, putting them at risk for obesity.  In the last ten years, obesity has increased to a point where health professionals have correlated being overweight to the increase in teenage diabetes.

Diabetes used to be associated only with adults over 40 who were overweight, but thanks to an increase in sugars in our diet and a lack of proper exercise, Type II diabetes  has become an "epidemic" in those over 10 years old. Seventy percent of diabetes risk can now be attributed to being overweight.

Teen pop star, Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers has Type 1 Diabetes, an even more dangerous  form of the disease, and he has worked hard not only to  increase awareness of the problem in teens, but also to give teens with diabetes a positive and pro-active attitude toward the disorder.  The cause of this type of diabetes is still unknown, but an imbalance in blood-sugar levels can cause serious problems in the Type I diabetic.

Television, computers and electronic games have made us all more sedentary, while parties, fast food restaurants, and time with friends have increased the temptation to take in more sugar and other carbohydrates.  This has resulted in the increase in Type II diabetes, while the ability to process sugar and lack of proper exercise contribute to the problems of Type I diabetes.

So what's a teen to do?  The Holidays are approaching.  Sugars are one of our biggest enemies, but let's face it, most sugar-free recipes really don't taste very appealing.  Enter Amy Samuelson to the rescue.    The MTV/VH1 producer, had an epiphany about a year ago; she could not only live without sugar splurges, she could live better and longer without excessive sugars in her diet.

The result of her change in lifestyle has spawned her terrific blog called "Amy Does It Sugar-free" (  There, you can find recipes and nutritional tips with a sense of wry humor.  Best of all, her sugar-free recipes are not only delicious, they are a bit addictive.  Yes, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can luckily be addictive, too.

What's really special about Amy's site is that she share's her journey for better health with you.  She speaks of her successes (she lost 20 pounds in eight months, while bringing her blood-pressure down to normal levels), and she also  writes about her temptations not to exercise or eat properly.  Through Amy's experience, her readers learn to overcome their own temptations and move to a healthier way of life..

Amy's site is not just for teens or diabetics, it is aimed at everyone willing to make a few adjustments in what they eat to be healthier and live their life to its fullest.

My Teen Topix suggests everyone visit Amy Does It Sugar-free, and keep especially healthy over the holiday season.


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